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Out on the Page
is a catalyst for change
to connect, develop and promote LGBTQ+ writers and writing.

We're taking a break for the rest of 2024 whilst we research other potential projects. You can still access our free writer resource list below and subscribe to any newsletters we produce. 

'LGBTQ+ writing is rich open territory'

- Russell T Davies

Our vision

A world where LGBTQ+ writing in all its forms is more visible, where LGBTQ+ writers feel less isolated and more able to be themselves.


Where the LGBTQ+ voice matters. Where publishers and others in the writing industry are more visible in their support of LGBTQ+ writing which is often underrepresented.


Where there are safe and supportive spaces for LGBTQ+ writers online and in person. 


Where LGBTQ+ writers are more empowered to define their measures of success, develop the quality of their writing, engage with the business side of writing and reach their desired audiences.


Being a queer writer is different, queer writing is different.



Proactively engaging with diversity, seeking to work with LGBTQ+ writers from all backgrounds irrespective of sex, gender, age, race, disability, religion or belief, or class/socio-economic background. 



We work in a way, including online and in-person that is safe for LGBTQ+ writers.



We actively seek to minimize the environmental impact of our work.

Our values

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All done! We're looking forward to sharing.

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