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Writing and Networking Retreats

notebook from a lgbt writing retreat
Where it All Started! 
Paul BC ran our first writing and networking retreat in 2018 and we've not looked back since. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, here's a snippet:

'a wonderful, stimulating and empowering  experience.'


'brilliantly facilitated."


'I felt safe, included and able to share with others.'


'a special atmosphere.'


'I got the writing done that I wanted to do.'


"the day inspired me."


"this is such an important thing that needs to continue."

So how does the day work?
A week or so before the day, we send you the joining details and our short guide to help you prepare and think about your goals for the day. 
On the day itself, you will receive a warm welcome from your facilitator Paul BC and be introduced to the other writers attending. You will have plenty of space to write. Paul will also point out any other 'break-out' spaces on site. There will be charging points for your electronic devices. Wifi is usually available though most prefer not to access it during the writing sessions.
Drinks, fruit & biscuits are provided throughout the day, and a working lunch, at no extra cost. We aim for organic produce in collaboration with our venues.
We tailor the day around the writers attending but a typical day might go like this:
A short warm-up writing exercise writing led by your facilitator to help you get in the zone.
Self-directed writing.
Lunch and a chance to network and discuss the LGBTQ+ Writers' Resource List which we will give to you on the day.  
Self-directed Writing.
Self-reflection and small group discussions on how the day has gone for you.
Afternoon Break followed by a round-table Q&A session with an invited guest, an established LGBTQ+ writer.  
Our facilitator Paul BC will guide and support you through the day and will always be on hand to answer any questions you may have or offer help.
One thing we know. 
How to Book?
Go to the 'Book A Retreat' page and take a look at the details. We do offer at least one bursary place on each retreat, so if money is a problem, take a look at our Bursary page.

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