About the Weekend Retreats

lgbt writing retreats at the end of the rainbow - for real
Launching in 2019
We will try two or three different formats during 2019/20 and so we would love your feedback or ideas on any events we do plan. Even if you choose not to attend one, we're still interested in what appealed and what didn't. We want to get it right for you!
This is what we're trying to find:
  • Out on the Page would have exclusive use of a venue to accommodate up to 12 people. Ideally single occupancy and shared rooms.
  • a more rural setting.
  • arrive Friday late afternoon/early evening and enjoy a shared meal with your fellow writers.
  • varied writing spaces, including own room.
  • some shared sessions for writing warm-ups, motivation, goal setting, workshops and themed discussions.
  • All food and drinks provided (except alcohol). Aiming for organic and locally sourced.
  • Invited guest writer.
  • Pop-up library of writer's resources available.
  • Opportunity to share your writing with others.
  • Experience facilitator (Paul BC) available at all times.
  • Leave late afternoon on Sunday.
Click below to see what's available:
Click below if you any questions, ideas or feedback 

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