What attendees have said about our retreats

We're proud of the feedback we've received.
'A wonderful, stimulating and empowering  experience.' 


'Brilliantly facilitated."


'I felt safe, included and able to share with others.'


'A special atmosphere.'


'I got the writing done that I wanted to do.'


'The day inspired me.'


'This is such an important thing that needs to continue.'


'The day just flowed.'


'The facilitator was so reassuring in their welcome.'


'I feel connected.'


'I've come home on a high.'


'Paul BC (Facilitator) had a genuine interest in us all and our writing.'


'I've made a connection with LGBT writers across a wide range of experience.'


But it's not just about the plaudits - some of our writers also made some really good suggestions and we've incorporated them where we can to make the experience even better.   












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