Donating makes a real impact on the lives of our writers.

We don't want LGBTQ+ writers to be held back due to the lack of funding.
Our in-person events will return at some point and when they do, we want to continue to make them accessible for LGBTQ+ writers who could not otherwise afford to attend.
During the UK Lockdown we have been offering our events online and free to all writers as a way of showing solidarity with LGBTQ+ writers wherever they are.
We do have funding from the Arts Council for 2020 but with our in-person retreats currently unavailable, we have lost a significant funding stream.
Whatever you donate will help us develop our support for emerging LGBTQ+ writers, increase our range of events and prepare for 2021.
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It not only helped him attend a day of writing networking, it also demonstrated to him that there was a supportive LGBTQ+ and allies community out there.

How your donations help.
This is a fantastic opportunity to support emerging LGBTQ+ writers.

Current Wix rules on mean we have to fix donation levels. If you would like to donate a different amount please get in touch with us directly and we will be delighted to assist.  

supporting emerging LGBTQ+ writers
Out on the Page was set up in 2018 as an experimental project to bring together LGBTQ+ writers to write, support each other and to share information and experience.
Since then, we have held one-writing retreats, workshops, groups and cafe casual meetings across England.  We have also set up an online writer directory and forum for emerging LGBTQ+ writers.
We have received Arts Council England funding for 2020 to sustain and develop our much-needed work, including online events.
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