Donating makes a real impact on the lives of our writers.

We don't want LGBTQ+ writers to be held back due to the lack of funding.
We aim to make all our events accessible for LGBTQ+ writers who could not otherwise afford to attend. Your donations are crucial to making this work.
For the first 5 months of UK Lockdown (April - Aug 2020), we took our events online and made them free to all writers as a way of showing solidarity with LGBTQ+ writers wherever they are.
However, though we have some funding from Arts Council England, since taking the decision to remain online until the end of 2020, we will have to charge a modest amount for some of our events; this enables us to pay the writers who plan, facilitate or guest at the events.
However, we offer concessionary tickets at all events and use your donations to further enable access.   
Whatever you donate will help us develop our support for emerging LGBTQ+ writers, increase our range of events and prepare for 2021.
Scroll down the page to the purple buttons to donate. 

It not only helped him attend a day of writing networking, it also demonstrated to him that there was a supportive LGBTQ+ and allies community out there.

How your donations help.

    Sal lives in a remote part of the country and writes poetry.
    The Out on the Page online events have helped them connect wit other writers for the first time, develop their writing and feel less isolated during these difficult times.
    Lockdown or not, Sal really wants the online events to continue if funds allow.

    Indomee, an independent, disabled LGBTQ+ journalist, also looking after her disabled child, wanting to build her networks.
    Money was tight and she simply could not have afforded to travel to and attend a one-day retreat otherwise.

    Aarav, committed to developing as a writer after graduating from university.
    Although he worked freelance as a translator and proofreader there was little financial stability at present whilst he sought more permanent work.
    The bursary not only helped him attend a day of writing networking and sharing information, it also demonstrated to him that there was a supportive LGBTQ+ and Allies community out there willing and able to support him
This is a fantastic opportunity to support emerging LGBTQ+ writers.

Current Wix rules mean we have to fix donation levels. If you would like to donate a different amount please get in touch with us directly and we will be delighted to assist.  

supporting emerging LGBTQ+ writers
Out on the Page was set up in 2018 as an experimental project to bring together LGBTQ+ writers to write, support each other and to share information and experience.
Since then, we have held one-writing retreats, workshops, groups and cafe casual meetings across England.  We have also set up an online writer directory and forum for emerging LGBTQ+ writers.
We have received Arts Council England funding for 2020 to sustain and develop our much-needed work, including online events.
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