How joining our FREE Members' Directory and Forum could help you develop as a writer.

Out on the Page is very much about LGBTQ+ Writers supporting each other to develop as writers. Our Members' Directory and Forum are at the heart of this.

It's easy to become a Member just follow the link at the bottom of any of our webpages.

You complete a short online form and it goes to our Coordinator for approval. Writers at any level or stage in their writing journey can join. The only criteria are that you are who you say you are, an LGBTQ+ person who writes or wants to write, in any form or genre.

Once approved, the next step is to set up a short profile about yourself for our Members' Directory. This is other writers can see who you are and what kind of writing you're involved in. Here's an example:

With your profile, you gain access to our safe and supportive Members' Directory and Forum, where connections are made and really useful information and tips are shared. Here's just a list of some of the things you can do in the Forum:

1. Ask questions or start discussions to help you explore any aspect of writing.

2. Showcase any writing you may have published online or in print - this can include links to blogs, your own website or book purchase listings. It's a great opportunity to get more readers for your writing.

3. Seek beta-readers or the like for pieces of work that are near completion.

4. Seek supportive and constructive feedback on smallish samples of your work.

5. Check out for upcomeing submission deadlines to LGBTQ+ presses.

6. Post information which you think other Members might find useful.

...the possibilities are endless.

Also, using the purple speech bubble illustrated above, you can chat (including in real-time) with other Members privately.

The Forum is really easy to use and every week or so, our Coordinator is in the room live to assist if you need it. Wht not give it a try - visit our website to find out more

Hope to see you there sometime!

supporting emerging LGBTQ+ writers
Out on the Page was set up in 2018 as an experimental project to bring together LGBTQ+ writers to write, support each other and to share information and experience.
Since then, we have held one-writing retreats, workshops, groups and cafe casual meetings across England.  We have also set up an online writer directory and forum for emerging LGBTQ+ writers.
We have received Arts Council England funding for 2020 to sustain and develop our much-needed work, including online events.
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