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How to get involved in our new online LGBTQ+ Writer Network

We recently reviewed how we might best support an active network area of LGBTQ+ writers and we decided to move onto Slack until at least the end of 2022.

We invited our most engaged writers and those who have attended our most recent events. We now have over 60 writers who have joined the platform.

Slack is easy to use.

You can:

  • Introduce yourself and yourself in any way you choose and include links.

  • Participate in any of the themed #channels e.g #poetry-chat, #writers-in-east-of-england

  • Propose new networking channels

  • Access our resources e.g. the LGBTQ+ Writers' Resource List

  • Direct Message (DM) me, the coordinator of the network and Louis, our social media coordinator

  • DM other members of the network

Our Slack platform is safe.

Being supportive and respectful are key 'ground-rules' of the network.

We vet who we invite to the network.

We check into the area several times a week to see it is being used appropriately.

How can you get involved:

  1. By attending any one of our online or in-person events, including the free ones. After the event, you will receive an invitation to join for free.

  2. We will also invite writers who have engaged with us in other ways such as joint projects etc.

  3. If you don’t fit into any of the two categories above but you are an active writer and want to join the network you can make a donation to Out on the Page (£5, £10 or £25 - whatever you can afford) and we will send you an invite to the network.

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