Interested in Writing for Our Blog?

We're looking for informal proposals for one-off blog posts (or a short series) from 150 - 2000 words per post. Our popular blog is widely read by other emerging LGBTQ+ writers and people in the publishing industry.

We're keen to give voice to as diverse range of voices as we can. Your writing can be in any form. We can provide a some help with editing if needed. You might even be an industry professional yourself and want to say something about LGBTQ+ writing. Either way, we'd love to hear from you.

We're very interested in one-off blogs on the themes of:

  1. My Writing Life and what it means to me.

  2. My Current Writing Project

But we're interested in any ideas you have as long as it addresses LGBTQ+ writing or writing life in some way. It could be an interview or a discussion with another LGBTQ+ writer, or your reflections as an LGBTQ+ writer on current events, or sharing a recent experience from a writing course or event.

It's a great opportunity to maybe do something different, reflect on your writing life in a different way, write in a format you've never tried before.

All published contributors will be acknowledged and we will include links to your website/social media and other writitng available to read.

If you're interested please drop us a line at .

supporting emerging LGBTQ+ writers
Out on the Page was set up in 2018 as an experimental project to bring together LGBTQ+ writers to write, support each other and to share information and experience.
Since then, we have held one-writing retreats, workshops, groups and cafe casual meetings across England.  We have also set up an online writer directory and forum for emerging LGBTQ+ writers.
We have received Arts Council England funding for 2020 to sustain and develop our much-needed work, including online events.
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