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Jade Walker

Jade Walker is a pansexual interdisciplinary writer, actor and multidisciplinary artist from London Ontario Canada. Her poetry has been published by Dark Poets Society, Horsebroke Press and Wordsfest London. She has a fascination with death and British comedy. She writes about nature, mental illness, queerness, her body, the shadow self and all things surreal, absurdist, dark, gothic and macabre. Her most recent collection of poetry is about her body and comparing the sexual abuse she has endured and continues enduring throughout her life to mankind’s ongoing rape of the land.

Her play Bruno and Hogginfritz which is about a British mental patient who has escaped a psych ward and is now living alone in an abandoned house with only his furniture to keep him company until he falls in love with his postman, will premier at Brighton Fringe in 2022.

Instagram: @jadeangelmindfreak

Facebook: Jade Walker

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