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LGBTQ+ Representation in Publishing Campaign

In early September the team at Out on the Page had some discussions about LGBTQ+ writing and its presence in the mainstream. Particularly for LGBTQ+ authors, it still seems as if there's a disconnect between the big publishers and LGBTQ+ writing. Although some authors are finding their place here, the fact of the matter is, a lot of queer writing is ignored because the industry simply hasn't caught up yet.

‘in the winner-take-all, increasingly consolidated world of mainstream publishing houses, the door to entry is narrower, admitting fewer than before. Books by and about lesbians remain under-published. Many venerated LGBTQ mainstream writers are dogged by modest sales (easily tracked these days, thanks to Bookscan) and have trouble sustaining their careers. Our books still must prove themselves, title after title, as if each is nearly the first of its kind; there is no presumption of success based on the LGBTQ category. One successful book does not open the gate for similar books to pass through.’

What we did

Out on the Page is a catalyst for change for LGBTQ+ writers and writing. We decided that on of the best ways to effect that change is to ask for the opinions of the writers in our community. Since then we've had lots of response from LGBTQ+ writers from a range of backgrounds who have shared their experience of mainstream publishing.

What's next for the campaign

We're still looking for responses from LGBTQ+ writers and will be doing so until the end of December. If you'd like to submit your thoughts, please do so to with 'LGBTQ+ Representation' in the subject line.

Once December has passed we will look to develop the next stage in our campaign which will most likely be a written press release or news item from a journalist.


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