Momentum is Building

It's been one those weeks where you get the sense it is all coming together - that it's all worthwhile.

The week started with the fantastic news that no less than three of our Forum Members, Jade Mutyora, Andrew Kaye and Jonathan Pizarro had made it into the Untitled Writing: Voices Issue 1

Then, scattered like gold dust throughout the following days; supportive and empowering discussions with:

Inkandescent about their forthcoming anthology of outsider voices 'Mainstream'. Submissions open until the end of July.

Fruit Journal about bringing their top quality journal of LGBTQ+ writing to even more readers.

Damian Barr's Literary Salon about how we can develop our connection. Damian has been a great supporter of Out on the Page.

Saturday, saw us host our very first online Micro-Retreat - every place booked for what turned out to be a great session of writing, networking and sharing.

And to relax on Sunday, I dived into some free queer writing of my own, attending a regular online workshop zoomed out of Liverpool and hosted by the lovely writer and arts activist Steve Benson.

It might read as a bit of a list but I hope it gives you a sense of the connections that are being made by LGBTQ+ writers and literary professionals - something good is going to happen.

supporting emerging LGBTQ+ writers
Out on the Page was set up in 2018 as an experimental project to bring together LGBTQ+ writers to write, support each other and to share information and experience.
Since then, we have held one-writing retreats, workshops, groups and cafe casual meetings across England.  We have also set up an online writer directory and forum for emerging LGBTQ+ writers.
We have received Arts Council England funding for 2020 to sustain and develop our much-needed work, including online events.
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