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Ollie Charles

Ollie Charles (he/him) is a writer who explores gender, identity, sexuality, celebrity and pop culture within his work. He is currently working on his first novel, a satire of the fashion industry as well as his first poetry collection. Ollie is a placed writer in the 2020 streetcake experimental writing prize, features in Inkandescent's upcoming short story collection, MAINSTREAM and was published recently by Lucky Pierre Zine. Ollie is also co-founder of Untitled, a literary salon for underrepresented writers as well as co-editor of Untitled: Voices, a global online journal, launched during 2020’s lockdown.

HOW TO FALL IN LOVE - featured in the streetcake 2020 experimental poetry prize anthology:

3 ALBUMS - featured on Lucky Pierre Zine:

DILATED PUPIL - to be featured in the coming MAINSTREAM anthology from Inkandescent:

Ollie’s Twitter:


Untitled Twitter:

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