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QND Writers' Group Appeal 2023 - Update

Hi Everyone - we raised a wonderful £685. Your support means that the creator and facilitator, Jorik Mol can set up and run monthly writing group sessions between Dec23 and March24 whilst we look at longer term funding opportunities. These sessions will be on a pay-what-you can basis from £0.00.

Finally, I leave you with a message from Jorik who is in his own words 'professionally neurodivergent':

"As a writer and someone who is now being paid to support other writers, I am, despite being both of those things, speechless. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I'm so grateful to everyone who helped fund QND Writers. With your contribution, small or large, you are facilitating a space that will be queer and neurodivergent, allowing for those of us under the double rainbow to connect and create. This will be accessible for absolutely free, for any queer neurodivergent writer. Because of you. You did that. I can't thank you enough." Jorik

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