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Queer Writing for a Brave New World 


Fri 10th September 2021

Announcing our Shortlist of Works for Inclusion in Our First Print Publication

Shortlisted Works

Our selection from over a 100 great submissions of work.


Anna Leach                                 Daffodils and Milk

Essa Flett                                     Where are the Quiet Gays?

                                                     Nightclub Bathroom

John Lugo-Trebble                     Aquarius

JP Seabright                                Three Word Slogan from Sex in Context

Kai Birdsall                                   The City

Michael Swindells                       Time and Tide

                                                     Gone Fishing


Mon Malanovich-Gallagher        Bar Mleczny with Dad

Rachael Clyne                             Susan Expects to Be Admired

Scott Linder                                 The Minor Gods

Siobhan Dunlop                          a future is a non-essential item

Sue Finch                                    Museum of a Life

Walki Freedreamer Tinkanesh  OBLIQUE/S




Emily Crompton                           A Quietly Queer Post-Modernist Place

Steven Benson                            Towards a Response to Queer Modernism


Visual Poetry


Guy A. Forster-Pearce                Gay Rights Gay Wrongs

                                                     Getting Our Shit Together

                                                     Bent Out of Shape

Kevin Walker                               Modern Haiku

Pippa Sterk                                  Prism Error

The Mollusc-Dimension             The Morning After the Zoom Before




Mikey Meng                                Flag

Serena Piccoli                            untitled 1,2,3,4


2. How are we funding it?

Through Kickstarter,  we raised the £2k needed to produce and distribute the chapbook and make small payments to the writers and photographers selected.

We will also sell the chapbook online and through bookshops.

Why a Chapbook?

Out on the Page are going into print for the first time this Autumn.


Queer Writing for a Brave New World is a chapbook collaboration with The Modernist Society where emerging LGBTQ+ writers explore Modernism through a multiplicity of queer lenses.


We want our first ever print publication to be something different, and, where high-quality writing and photography are matched by excellent design and print quality. The Modernist Society is a highly regarded small press that has built up a wealth of experience in producing beautiful books and magazines which are of a similar scale and format of a chapbook.


Out on the Page are excited about what can be learned from this collaboration with a view to creating more opportunities for emerging LGBTQ+ writers to get their work ‘out on the page’ in the future.

Chapbooks are a great place to start for our first venture into print, they are cost-effective to design and print without compromising on quality. By being able to sell a publication of LGBTQ+ writing at an affordable price, we will embrace the spirit of original chapbooks and we hope it will be a great vehicle to take LGBTQ+ writing to a wider audience.

Image by Fallon Michael
What Next?

We are now working with the book designer to arrive at a final selection for the chapbook and we will announce that list here. After final editing in conjunction with the artists, we will print and launch in the late Autumn.

Contributors who are selected and included in the published chapbook will receive a copy of the chapbook.


 At Out on the Page, we strongly believe in the importance of the value of contributors' work and published contributors will also receive a small payment for their work based on a percentage of sales shared between contributors.

Projects Coming Soon 

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about any of our special projects or you are interested in developing one with us, please get in touch by email admin@outonthepage.co.uk

In the pipeline

We're working with a small group of working-class LGBTQ+ writers to develop a workshop for Classfest 21 , a literature festival being held in Bristol 22-24 October 2021. 


Also partners in a writer development project with LiteratureWorks which will soon be announced.

Plans are being developed for our Youtube blog channel.

Video Blogger