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Queer Writing for a Brave New World 

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Queer Writing for a Brave New World

Here's our final selection from over 100 great submissions of work.


Anna Leach                                 Daffodils and Milk

Essa Flett                                     Where are the Quiet Gays?

                                                     Nightclub Bathroom

John Lugo-Trebble                     Aquarius

JP Seabright                                Three Word Slogan from Sex in Context

Kai Birdsall                                   The City

Michael Swindells                       Time and Tide

                                                     Gone Fishing


Mon Malanovich-Gallagher        Bar Mleczny with Dad

Rachael Clyne                             Susan Expects to Be Admired

Scott Linder                                 The Minor Gods

Siobhan Dunlop                          a future is a non-essential item

Sue Finch                                    Museum of a Life

Walki Freedreamer Tinkanesh  OBLIQUE/S




Emily Crompton                           A Quietly Queer Post-Modernist Place

Steven Benson                            Towards a Response to Queer Modernism


Visual Poetry


Guy A. Forster-Pearce                Gay Rights Gay Wrongs

                                                     Getting Our Shit Together

                                                     Bent Out of Shape

Kevin Walker                               Modern Haiku

Pippa Sterk                                  Prism Error

The Mollusc-Dimension             The Morning After the Zoom Before




Mikey Meng                                Flag

Serena Piccoli                            untitled 1,2,3,4


Class Pride

Out on the Page at Working Class Writers' Festival, Bristol October 2021

Four working-class writers; Terry Purkis, Cornelia Wojewoda, Tom Stockley, and Sam Jenks collaborated to develop a workshop exploring the often difficult territory between class and sexuality, and, together with participants on the day produced this list poem along with other collaborative and individual pieces of writing.

Class Pride

I am working class, I am fucking queer.

I am a wife, a friend, a role model. 

I am strong, independent, hard-working. 

I am not camp. 


I’m a fucking lesbian, dyke, a slut. 

I’m an unassailable c***. 

I am lazy, stressed, a failure. 


I am too straight looking, inverted snob, a smartass.


They say I am not marketable.

That I am in denial. 

That I am confused.

That I am an imposter.

That I am greedy. 

That I am stupid. 

That I am strange.

That I am not really educated.

That I have a chip on my shoulder. 

That I am rough around the edges.

That I am weird.

That I am a bummer. 

That I am thick. 

That I am problematic. 

That I am difficult. 

That I am wiley. 

That I am bitchy.

That I am domineering.

That I am conflicted. 

That I am know-it-all.


They say that I’m a pervert.
I should stay in the background. 

I should just work hard.

That this is going to be a struggle. 

That there’s enough of this now. 

That there’s enough “woke”.


They say that I am “in very poor taste”.

They tell me not to be me. 

They say I haven’t changed much, I just belong to more minority groups now.

They say queer isn’t for kids. 

They say this is being rammed down their throats. 

They frown at “more of that LGBZYMZ shit”.


They call me a carpet muncher, a tick-box, a fairy. 

They call me a carrot crunching farmer, a gypsy, a muff diver. 

They call me fake, say I don’t belong here.


My world is uncomfortable, it doesn’t fit together.

I am excluded. 

They don’t want to represent me. 


But I am beautiful and tender. 

I am a supporter. 

I am angry. 

I am celebrated. 

I am golden. 

I am luminous. 

I am amazing. 



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