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Where to Submit Your LGBTQ+ Poems

Are you a LGBTQ+ poet looking to get your work published?

One of the best things you can do is send your work to online journals and magazines. This helps promote your work and help you find readers.

It might seem overwhelming when you’re on the lookout for places to send your poetry, so here’s a list of people who are looking to read and publish your poetry, specifically poetry that is from LGTBQ+ writers.

Fruit Journal

Fruit is a bi-annual journal publishing queer authors. They want work from unheard voices and always work with the writers on editing. They are based in Manchester so do also look for writing that speaks about the northern queer experience. If you want to learn more about Fruit head to their website and read their submissions guidelines.

Writing Untitled

Untitled is a platform to champion underrepresented writers. In 2020 they started Untitled: Voices, a global online journal. In this journal they have a history of publishing lots of LGBTQ+ poets. They also hold the UNTITLED UNDERREP'D WRITERS FESTIVAL.

Download their latest issue to see what they're looking for and keep a look out to hear about more submission opportunities.

Fourteen Poems

Fourteen poems is a poetry journal based in London that publishes LGBTQ+ poets. In each issue they publish fourteen of the best poets - both emerging and established. Their issues go to print three times a year. Will your poem be in the next one? Go and check them out!


Queerlings is publishing poetry from LGTBQIA+ writers. Have a look at their guidelines and send them a poem. They will read up to three poems at one time!

Check out each of their websites to see their submission opportunities and guidelines!

If you're a journal or magazine who champions LGBTQ+ writers and their writing and you're reading this - please do get in touch with us so we can tell our followers and readers about you!


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